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Terms and Conditions

  • Our legal disclaimer can be found here. By booking and accepting our Terms and Conditions we assume you have read and agreed to the Disclaimer. A copy can be obtained from Dog Splash if needed.

  • Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure the health and safety of visitors to Dog Splash, attending the premises, including swimming, takes place entirely at your own risk. 

  • Children over the age of 12 are welcome to attend, provided they are accompanied by an adult, and are the sole responsibility of their parent / guardian during their visit.  They must be supervised at all times. Children must be aged 16+ to enter the water unless with the prior consent of Dog Splash. The depth of the water is approximately 110cm. 

  • Please take note that the facilities are for dogs and that your use of the pool constitutes a private session.

  • You take full responsibility for you and any other people in your party.

  • You are fully responsible for your dogs and agree to supervise them at all times.

  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to decide if this activity is suitable for their pet.

  • Personal possessions are your full responsibility.

  • Vehicles and all contents are parked at the owner's risk.

  • Please be aware that there is likely to be a slip hazard due to uneven surfaces and water on the floor. 

  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes with non-slip soles to minimise these hazards.

  • We recommend wet suits, or neoprene tops, but shorts and tee shirts are acceptable. Please be aware that dogs' claws are sharp and limbs are best covered by clothing.

  • There are basic changing facilities available on site but we advise you and all members of your party to come prepared in order to make the most of your time at the pool.

  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your session. 

  • This is a dog pool for fun, fitness and entertainment. Please understand that there will not be a qualified dog hydrotherapist, lifeguard, vet or first aider on duty.

  • Dogs should be aged over four months before swimming. 

  • If your dog is elderly or has health problems, you are advised to seek advice from your vet before bringing the dog for a swim.

  • We encourage dog owners to have health insurance for their pets.

  • Dogs should be clean before entering the pool. Please do not bring muddy dogs. Please brush your dogs BEFORE your visit, to help maintain the integrity of the water cleanliness for the people coming after you.

  • There is a limit of four dogs per session. These should take turns on the ramp and splash deck in order to avoid overcrowding. This is the responsibility of the owners/handlers. We reserve the right to reduce the accepted number of dogs depending on breed/size.

  • Dogs can suffer from water inhalation/intoxication and should be rested periodically during their session at the pool. This is imperative for dogs who constantly swim for balls/toys and as such can take in more water. We reserve the right to stop a swim if necessary.

  • Dog buoyancy aids are available to use for free. These can minimise the amount of water swallowed by a dog. We are happy to help fit one to your dog.

  • Dog Splash reserves the right to use photos and video footage taken during the sessions. If you do not wish your dog/s to appear in publicity footage, please make this known in writing and verbally during your visit.

  • Dogs should not eat at least two hours prior to their swim session. It is wise to rest them for at least one hour afterwards, before feeding.

  • Please ensure your dogs have been to the toilet before they arrive at the pool. The owners/handlers are responsible for clearing up any fouling on site.

  • If there is a toilet incident within the pool, it can result in pool closure for up to 12 hours. There may be a charge for this, as bookings will need to be cancelled. 

  • Please understand that in an incident such as dog fouling or pool heating/pump failure, appointments might have to be cancelled at short notice.

  • Dog Splash reserves the right to refuse entry to certain dogs or humans who do not meet the expected standards of politeness and manageability.

  • Cancellations must be notified at least 48 hours in advance, or the full fee will be charged.  Rescheduling is offered at £10 charge. No-Shows will not be refunded.  The price of each session includes a £1 transaction and handling fee - this £1 is non refundable in the case of cancellation.

  • Those arriving late for their appointment will be asked to leave on time, i.e. the swimming session will be shorter.

  • Blue Light Card holders get 10% off a standard £26 session. Does not apply to offer days if extra dogs come for free, or a First Timer £21 session, or against Plan purchases as these are discounted already.

  • The pool temp is appropriate for dogs - who expend a lot of energy and can get very warm, this does not mean that it is necessarily as warm as humans may like it! It is currently running at approx 26 degrees which is very comfortable, but if in doubt we advise using a wetsuit (we have some on site which you are welcome to use for free).

  • We may not be able to accommodate an Assisted Swim session on an offer day, such as Friends Fridays, due to lack of time between bookings.

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