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Welcome to Dog Splash

Where dogs come first
We are a private hire, indoor, heated,
fun pool for dogs - and their owners!
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Located in East Sussex:
Look for the Mercedes dealership!
Unit 4, Mountney Bridge Bu
siness Park,
Westham, Pevensey, BN24 5NJ 

Within walking distance of Pevensey & Westham railway station 
Paw print single.jpg
Paw print single.jpg

About Dog Splash

Dog Splash is an indoor heated swimming pool dedicated specifically to canines! And their owners can go in and swim with them if they choose to!

We offer various session types - see Book a Swim page for details. All sessions are private hire - no sharing with strangers or unknown dogs.

Up to 4 dogs are allowed in the pool at any one time, either from the same household, or as friends.

The heated pool provides a fun, yet relatively safe, controlled environment where dogs can swim and play alongside their owners.

Take a look here to see just some of the numerous benefits of canine swimming.

Each swimming session lasts for 30 minutes.


Let us know if this is your dog's first swim. We have buoyancy aids in various sizes for those that need them. Or do bring your own if you prefer.

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Each swimming session lasts for 30 mins which is more than enough time for most dogs!

Let us know if it is your dog's first swim, we have buoyancy aids in various sizes for those that need them, or feel free to use your own.

Most dogs know instinctively how to swim, but not all! The brachycephalic dog breeds with flatter faces, such as pugs and bulldogs, are not well-suited to this activity. Please check with your vet if unsure.

Dogs should be allowed to rest for part of their session to prevent them from ingesting too much water.  When you book a swim at Dog Splash,  it is automatically understood that you have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions and Legal Disclaimer.


Look for the Mercedes dealership, pull in and turn right, unit 3-8 are in front of you. Park anywhere that's not a reserved space. Dog Splash, Unit 4, is up the alley to the left hand side of the 3-8 block.

Do I have to go in the water?

No, its up to you, but most dogs will be keener to swim if they have their owner in with them.

Do I just walk in when I get there?

No, please don't! We don't have a reception area so you would be walking into the pool room - and potentially somebody else's swim. We know you are coming so please wait until we come to let you in.

What do I bring?

Towels for humans and dogs. We have cubicles to change in, but please come as prepared to swim as you can - as changing time is part of your swim time.

What do I wear in the pool?

Anything you are comfortable in, long sleeved tops help prevent against scratches which can happen. You do not need special footwear.

Will there be other people and dogs there during my booking?

No, all sessions are private so only you and those in your booking will be on site. Our office dog may be in a cage in the office, if this is a problem he can be put in the car for the duration.

Can I get photos of my swim?

We are happy to use your phones to take photos and videos for you. If we are available we can use our phone and then whatsapp media to you later, but we cannot guarantee that there will be footage of your swim.

Do you have showers?

No, we just don't have space unfortunately.

My dog can be reactive to dogs and to people, is that a problem?

No, not at all. If you book a Reactive session we are able to accommodate this. On any session booking you can leave notes to makes us aware of any possible issues so that we are prepared. We are happy to stay in the background if needed but we are always on site.

Can my puppy come for a swim?

We recommend dogs are at least 5 months before they come.

Do you have toys and life jackets?

Yes all our pool toys are free to use, and our life jackets are available if needed. We are happy to select a size and fit it to your dog.

Can I come on my own with my dog?

Yes, we are always on site and we offer help to anyone who needs it, so being on your own does not mean you cannot do all you want to do.

Can all dogs swim?

In general yes, although some breeds are naturally more able or keen than others. Short faced dogs, such as pugs etc, are not well suited and greater care must be taken to keep their heads above the water. If in doubt please check with your vet.

PLEASE NOTE:  The pool temp is currently averaging 27 degrees. It is appropriate for dogs who expend a lot of energy in the pool and get very warm. It is NOT set for optimum human comfort, but should be plenty warm enough. 

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Health Benefits of Swimming

All Videos

All Videos

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  • It's a great way to achieve and maintain fitness

  • One minute of swimming = four minutes of running

  • Strengthens heart and lungs

  • Improves circulation

  • Very little pressure on joints and tendons

  • Non weight bearing exercise

  • Helps to achieve weight loss

  • Can help to build muscles and aid recovery                after injury

  • Stimulates the mind

  • Relieves boredom and stress

  • Strengthens communication skills and bond between human and dog

  • Fun for dogs and their humans!

Paw print single.jpg
Paw print single.jpg


Pevensey Castle 2.jpg


There are some beautiful walks to enjoy nearby, in addition to the beach, about a mile away. 


You can easily reach Pevensey Castle from Dog Splash. Walk through Westham village and take the footpath through the Churchyard, or continue to the castle.

Try the Pevensey Castle walk, a five-mile circular stroll through 1066 country, passing through the outer walls of the castle.

The Pevensey Levels are situated inland from Pevensey Bay and there is a loop that takes in a pub at the beginning and end! Take a look HERE to see more walking opportunites.


The Big Barn, a fabulous facility for both indoor and outdoor dog exercise and fun, is located very nearby, in Downash BN27 2RP,  see for all they offer.

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